Leslie E. Carver

Leslie Eugene Carver (b. May 15, 1961) is a property liberationist, narcotics enthusiast and murderer.

On May 7, 1994, Carver stabbed 55-year-old Marvin B. Greenwell to death in Greenwell's apartment at 5840 Cameron Run Terrace in Huntington during a robbery.[1]

Carver was arrested in July 1994 for a string of robberies of hotel clerks in Fairfax and Arlington Counties, as well as the City of Alexandria. Carver plead guilty and was sentenced to five years in prison.[2]

In 2004, Fairfax County Police Detective Steve Milefsky resubmitted DNA samples found on cigarette butts and towels from Greenwell's apartment. In May 2005 the results came back that the DNA was a match for Carver.[2]

A new sample was taken from Carver, who was in jail in Prince William County for drunk driving, resisting arrest and possession of cocaine, and the match was confirmed.[2]

On July 13, 2006, Carver plead guilty to second-degree murder for killing Greenwell.[1] Judge Randy I. Bellows sentenced Carver to 40 years in prison on September 22, 2006.[3]

Carver is currently imprisoned at the Nottoway Correctional Center in Burkeville, Virginia, and is scheduled to be released on September 4, 2041.


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