Alexandria (City)

The City of Alexandria is not in Fairfax County.

The city was originally part of Fairfax County, but was incorporated as a town in 1779. The town and similarly undesirable portion of Fairfax County were ceded by Virginia to form part of the District of Columbia.

In the 1840's, fearing that profitable slave trade would be banned in the District, the residents petitioned Congress for the land to be returned to Virginia, which was accomplished with the retrocession of the area to Virginia in 1846. The City of Alexandria was incorporated in 1852.

In November 1928, Fairfax County ceded 500 acres to the city to settle an annexation suit which had originally sought almost 900 acres.[1] The suit against Arlington County continued, and resulted in the 1930 annexation of the town of Potomac, which became the city's Del Ray neighborhood.

On January 1, 1952, the city expanded by 7.65 square miles when it took possession of the land it had won in an annexation suit against Fairfax County.[2]


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