Hunter Mill District

Hunter Mill District

Supervisor Catherine M. Hudgins

School Board Representative Pat Hynes

The Hunter Mill District is a magisterial and supervisory district in Fairfax County.


In 1971, the unincorporated town of Centreville was excluded from the Centreville District following redistricting to reflect the 1970 census.[1] Supervisor Robert B. Dix, Jr. had made it one of the issues of his 1991 campaign for the Board of Supervisors that he would have the district renamed, and following consideration of more than 85 names by an eight-member task force, proposed six names: Hunter, Mosby, Wolf Trap, Hunter Mill, Cardinal or Dominion.[2][3]

Hunter Mill was approved as the new name of the district by the Board of Supervisors on October 26, 1992 and, following approval from the Department of Justice in December, 1992, became official in 1993.[2]


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