Fairfax County

Fairfax County is a county in Northern Virginia.

Founded in 1742 from the more desirable parts of Prince William County, Fairfax County is the most populous county in Virginia and one of the wealthiest counties in the United States.

In 1752, some of the less-desirable parts of Fairfax County were split off to form Loudoun County, and near-perfection was finally achieved in 1790 when the last large undesirable part of the county was foisted off onto the Federal Government to form part of the District of Columbia.


Fairfax County uses the urban county executive form of government, with an elected ten-member board of supervisors consisting of one supervisor from each of the county's nine magisterial districts and an at-large chairman. This form was made available following the passage of the Fairfax County Urban plan by the Virginia General Assembly in 1960.[1] However, it was not until after a package of amendments to the urban county form requested by the BoS was passed in March 1966 that a referendum on changing the county government was placed on the ballot.[2]


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