Constance Anne Bohlin

Constance Anne "Connie" Bohlin (January 24, 1932 – December 28, 1972) was a teacher and actor, best known as the host of the local broadcast of the children's television program "Romper Room" on WTTG from 1958 to 1967.

Constance Anne Sullivan was a native of Brockton, Massachusetts. She attended Boston University, taking her A.B. in Biology in 1953 and her Master's Degree in Education in 1956. About the same time as she took her Master's, she married mathematician Kenneth H. Bohlin.[1]

Before becoming the host of "Romper Room" on WTTG, Bohlin appeared on the local version of the program in Albany, New York, and also worked as a junior high school teacher.[2][3]

When her husband was transferred to the Washington area, Bohlin was able to leverage her previous experience in Albany to become the host of "Romper Room" when it moved from WMAL to WTTG, with her first broadcast on September 22, 1958.[4]

Bohlin continued as the host of "Romper Room" until it moved to WDCA in January 1967.

On December 28, 1972, Bohlin was found dead of alcohol poisoning in her home at 2400 Sherwood Hall Lane in Alexandria.[5][6] She was buried at sea in January, 1973.[7]


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