Accotink Creek

The Accotink Creek is a creek in Fairfax County.

The creek rises in Fairfax and joins there with Daniels Run. It soon joins with Long Branch (North) and Bear Branch. Above Lake Accotink, the second Long Branch (Central) empties into the creek.

It is dammed in Springfield to create Lake Accotink, slightly below where it joins with the Flag Run. Below Lake Accotink, Calamo Branch and Long Branch (South) join the creek, which finally empties into Accotink Bay, near Fort Belvoir.

On the June 29, 1957 Dr. Harold Kennedy, the medical director of Fairfax County, warned that the creek was dangerously contaminated with bacteria, which was the result of human shit and other pollution being dumped into the creek by the sewage disposal plant in Fairfax.[1]


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