Robert A. Miller

Robert A. "Rob" Miller (b. August 7, 1965) is a child murderer.

On September 17, 1990, the 170-pound Miller beat and stomped 8-year-old Destiny A. Souza to death in the basement of her mother's townhouse in the Newington Forest neighborhood of Springfield.

Miller had returned to the house, which he and his girlfriend Rebecca Hall had been kicked out of several weeks earlier by Destiny's mother Katie, to retrieve some of his belongings. When Destiny came home from school and discovered Miller in the house, she started "smart-mouthing off to him", and he threw her into the wall, then struck her several times in the head with a wooden jewelry box, fracturing her skull.[1][2]

Realizing that Destiny was going to tell on him and that "something had to be done", Miller jumped on the child's back several times, rupturing her liver and lungs. Ultimately, it would take the medical examiner three typed pages to list all the injuries inflicted on Destiny by Miller.[1][2]

On February 20, 1991 Miller pleaded guilty to murder and on April 12, Judge Johanna Fitzpatrick sentenced him to life in prison.[3][4]


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