Carroll D. Buracker

Carroll David Buracker (July 3, 1942 – April 29, 2009) was the Chief of the Fairfax County Police Department from 1981 to 1985.

Upon graduating high school, Buracker joined the army and became a military policeman.[1] After leaving the service, Buracker worked briefly as a policeman in Harrisonburg, Virginia, before joining the Fairfax County Police Department on January 1, 1966.[2]

After three years as patrolman and detective, Buracker became supervisor of the FCPD's records division.[3]

In a rare instance of a Fairfax County police officer killing a brown person other than by shooting them, off-duty Corporal Buracker mortally injured a 72-year-old Columbian man, Daniel Gonzales, in Falls Church when Gonzales stepped in front of Buracker's personal vehicle as he drove west on Route 50 on the evening of February 2, 1970.[4]

In 1971, Buracker was promoted to sergeant and became chief of the staff services division.[3]

Buracker was to captain in September, 1974, and promoted to major in June, 1975.[5][6]

Buracker was promoted to deputy chief of the department on May 3, 1979, replacing Kenneth R. Wilson.[7]

He became acting chief following the retirement of Chief Richard A. King, and was unanimously appointed chief on August 3, 1981.[3]

After announcing his retirement on December 10, 1984, Buracker retired from the department in February 1985, and moved to Harrisonburg in 1990.[1][8] He went on to form Carroll Buracker & Associates, a consulting firm in Harrisonburg.[1]

Buracker died from complications of a stroke in Winchester Medical Center in Winchester, Virginia on April 22, 2009.[1]


Buracker was married to Patricia B. Buracker, whom he had met while she was working at the National Bank and Trust Company in McLean.[2] The couple had two sons, David Buracker and Brian T. Buracker, the latter of whom went on to become a Fairfax County police officer and later succeeded his father at Buracker & Associates.[1]


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Preceded by
Richard A. King
Chief of the Fairfax County Police Department
1981 – 1985
Succeeded by
John E. Granfield