Matthew M. Dowdy

Matthew Marshall "Slim" Dowdy (b. November 21, 1964) is a convicted rapist and murderer.

Dowdy accumulated a long criminal record for burglary, larceny and assault throughout the 1980s and 90s.[1] On June 12, 1985, 20-year-old Dowdy and two other prisoners escaped from the Winchester Jail after overpowering the guards on duty.[2]

Dowdy inserted himself into the Beltway Sniper investigation by claiming to be a witness in the shooting of 47-year-old Linda Franklin in the parking lot of the Home Depot in Falls Church On October 14, 2002.[3] He was arrested when his statement was determined to be false, and eventually sentenced to six months in jail.[4]

On September 23, 2005, Dowdy raped, beat, and fatally stabbed 31-year-old Judy J. Coate in Falls Church. Coate's body was found four days later, on September 27.[5] Dowdy, who had been staying at the Stratford Motor Lodge in the City of Falls Church, was arrested a few days later.[6]

On January 17, 2007, Dowdy was convicted of the rape and murder of Coate.[7] Fairfax Circuit Court Judge Stanley P. Klein sentenced Dowdy to life in prison plus 30 years on May 18, 2007.[8]


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