John M. Tran

The Honorable John Minh Tran (b. January 30, 1960) is a judge of the Fairfax Circuit Court.

The son of a South Vietnamese diplomat, Tran was born in Saigon and grew up in the Northern Virginia area. Tran attended George Washington University, taking his B.A. in Psychology in 1981 and his J.D. in 1984.

From 1988 to 1993, Tran was a prosecutor in the Alexandria Commonwealth's Attorney's Office. In 1991, Tran was appointed as a Special Assistant United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia.

In 1993, Tran founded the firm of Greenberg, Bracken & Tran in Alexandria with Cary S. Greenberg and David S. Bracken, two other attorneys from the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office.

Beginning in 1998, Tran was of counsel for the Washington, D.C. firm of Tobin, O'Connor, Ewing & Richard until he joined the firm of DiMuro Ginsberg & Mook (later DiMuroGinsberg) in May 2004.

Tran was elected to the bench of the court on April 4, 2013.[1] He was sworn in to the bench on June 27.[2]


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