Jayant Kadian

Jayant Kadian (b. August 11, 1984) is a former James Madison University student, marijuana enthusiast and murderer.

Kadian is one of three children of Dr. Rajesh S. Kadian and his wife Kiran.

On March 24, 2005, Kadian stabbed his mother 23 times as she prepared food in the kitchen of the family home at 10005 Thompson Ridge Court in Great Falls.[1][2]

Kadian had been scheduled to attend an appointment with a pychiatrist to determine if he should be placed in a 28-day inpatient treatment center following his arrest for marijuana possession on March 21.[2][3] Unable to bear the thought of spending four weeks away from his beloved cannabis, Kadian attacked his mother while she made him lunch, stabbing her 30 times with a kitchen knife.[3][4]

Kadian fled the scene, parking behind the CVS Pharmacy in the nearby Great Falls Shopping Center.[3] Returning later to murder his father, who similarly wanted to interfere with Jayant's romance with reefer, Kadian saw that the Fairfax County Police had been called to the scene. He instead drove to Harrisonburg, Virginia, where he was arrested the next day on the top floor of a parking garage by James Madison University Police.[3]

On September 11, 2006, Kadian plead guilty to second-degree murder before Judge Kathleen H. MacKay.[4][5] Judge MacKay sentenced Kadian to 30 years in prison, suspending ten of those, on January 5, 2007.[6]


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