Vinay K. Bhatia

Vinay K. Bhatia was an 18-year-old clerk from Fairfax who was fatally stabbed by 37-year-old Raheem Abdul Muhammad in a botched robbery at the Hess gas station in the Hybla Valley on September 9, 1989.[1][2]

Bhatia was found in a back room of the station with a single six-inch stab wound in his chest. He was transported to Mount Vernon Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.[1]

Bhatia was not even supposed to be there that day; he normally worked at the Hess station in Annandale and was called in on his day off to substitute for another clerk.[1]

While Muhammad got away from the robbery with $329 of the store's reciepts, he missed the nearly $1000 Bhatia had in his pocket.[2]

A 1988 graduate of Fairfax High School, Bhatia worked sometimes as many as three jobs, saving money to open his dream business: a Subway sandwich shop.[1][2][3]


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