Veronica R. Covarrubias

Veronica R. Covarrubias (October 26, 1980 – August 30, 1990) was 9-year-old Woodbridge girl who was fatally injured when Mohammed E. Islam fell asleep behind the wheel of his 1973 Pontiac LeMans and crashed into her family's Toyota Corolla just south of the Edsall Road interchange on the Shirley Highway in Springfield on August 30, 1990.[1][2]

The five other members of the Covarrubias family were extracted from the Corolla and taken to the Inova Fairfax Hospital, but the car was so thoroughly destroyed that no one noticed Veronica still entrapped in the wreckage, which was taken to Franconia Towing and Storage on Vine Street in Alexandria.[1]

Veronica's corpse was finally discovered about five hours later, and the lie was told that she died on impact to spare everyone the horror of her lonely death in the crushed car.


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