Inova Alexandria Hospital

The Inova Alexandria Hospital is a 318-bed community hospital in the City of Alexandria.

It is not in Fairfax County.

On December 12, 1872, Julia Johns and several other community members formed the Alexandria Infirmary Association. The Alexandria Infirmary opened on January 23, 1873 in a town house owned by her father at the intersection of Duke and South Fairfax Streets.[1]

The Alexandria Infirmary changed its name to the Belle Haven Hospital in February 1902. However, the hospital's board of lady managers didn't like the name, and so it was quickly changed again to the Alexandria Hospital.[1][2]

In 1916, construction began on a new hospital building, designed by Washington architect Waddy B. Wood, on the corner of Duke and Washington Streets, which opened the following year.[3]

One June 17, 1958, the hospital announced it was moving forward with construction of a new facility on a 26-acre parcel on Seminary Road.[4]

In 1962, the hospital moved into its new location on Seminary Road, although the Duke Street location continued to operate until June 1974.

The Alexandria City Council voted on September 24, 1969, to earmark up to $8 million to expand the hospital's Seminary Road location.[5]

On July 2, 1996, Alexandria Hospital announced its intention to merge with and become part of the Inova Health Care system.[6] This merger was completed in March 1997.


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