Arthur B. Vieregg, Jr.

The Honorable Arthur Barber Vieregg, Jr. was a judge on the Fairfax Circuit Court from 1993 to 2007.

Early life and education

The son of Arthur, Sr. and the former Mary Francis Lewis, Vieregg grew up in Arlington, where he attended Wakefield High School. Graduating from Wakefield in 1960, Vieregg next attended Duke University, taking both his undergraduate and J.D. from there.


Following his admission to the Bar in 1970, Vieregg entered private practice at the firm of Hazel, Beckhorn and Hanes.

In February 1993, Vieregg was elected to the bench of the Circuit Court.[1]

In October 2007, Vieregg announced his intention to retire from the bench of the court on December 31.[2]


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