Monty Roy Saito

Monty Roy Saito was a 50-year-old California man who died while in custody of the Fairfax County Sheriff's Office on November 20, 2015.[1]

Saito was in custody at the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center when he suffered an unspecified medical emergency on November 16, 2015. Saito fell in front of his cell and struck his head on the floor loudly enough for other prisoners to hear. He was taken to the Inova Fair Oaks Hospital for treatment, and later moved to the Inova Fairfax Hospital.[1]

After two days, Saito was discharged from Fairfax Hospital and moved into a cell in the infirmary at the ADC. It was in that cell that Saito was discovered, unresponsive, in the overnight hours of November 19.[1]

Saito was taken to the Inova Fairfax Hospital, where he died the next day.

It was not explained why a jail infirmary is a more appropriate healthcare facility for someone suffering from injuries sufficient to cause death than a hospital.


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