Lance E. Schaible

Lieutenant Lance Edward Schaible is an officer of the Fairfax County Police Department.


He married fellow FCPD officer Erin F. Schaible and together they had three children.[1]


On July 27, 2005, following a contempt of cop incident, Lieutenant Schaible used the "touch a cop, go to jail" gambit as a pretext to arrest Fairfax County Planning Commisioner Ronald W. Koch in the offices of Sully District Supervisor Michael R. Frey at the Sully Governmental Center when Koch, who also worked a process server, served a subpoena there.[2][3]

Although Schaible was not formally discplined by the FCPD, it appears that he was given a what the Japanese call a window seat, as by 2012, Schaible was still a second lieutenant, now acting as the unit supervisor of the FCPD's Marine Patrol Unit.[4]


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