Lake Fairfax Park

Lake Fairfax
1400 Lake Fairfax Drive
Reston, VA 20190

Type Countywide

Size 478.99 acres

Planning District Upper Potomac Planning District


Lake Fairfax Park is a 478.99-acre countywide park in Reston.

The park was originally built as a private recreation spot, the lake being created by impounding the Colvin Run.

In 1965, the Fairfax County Park Authority announced plans to buy the 281-acre park from its owner, Mack S. Crippen, Jr..[1]


13-year-old Suzanne V. Gaylord drowned while swimming in the lake on June 25, 1961.[2]

62-year-old James L. Davis drowned while wading in the lake on August 7, 1966. Davis, who could not swim, waded about 20 feet from shore to where the lake bed dropped off sharply. His corpse was discovered the following morning in 14 feet of water.[3]

4-year-old John Gerik drowned in the lake on July 8, 1977.[4]

23-year-old Otis B. McCray drowned in the lake on July 19, 1981 when his canoe overturned.[5]


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