Justin R. Rhatigan

Justin R. Rhatigan (January 9, 1978 – July 12, 1999) was a 21-year-old burn artist who was fatally beaten by Micah O. Bohn, Joe Kern, and Tim Jerman at the home of Bohn's 18-year-old girlfriend, Lisa A. Panko, at 7357 Springleigh Way in Kingstowne on July 11, 1999.[1]

Following the beating, which Rhatigan had earned by ripping off Bohn and Kern's brother Frank by selling them $1200 worth of aspirin as ecstasy, Bohn and Kern dumped the mortally injured Rhatigan over the backyard fence of the townhouse. He was discovered there by Fairfax County Police and taken to Inova Fairfax Hospital, where he died the following afternoon.[1]

Rhatigan was the youngest son of James H. and Cathy F. Rhatigan, who established a scholarship fund in his name. It is unclear if the scholarship supported undergraduate studies in not ripping off rednecks.


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