Alexander D. Szymkowicz

Alexander D. Szymkowicz (February 13, 1982 – January 13, 1999) was a 16-year-old runaway from Chantilly who was shot to death by 19-year-old John P. Michaelangelo in a parking lot between the Margate Manor and Pinewood Plaza apartment complexes in Fairfax on January 13, 1999.[1][2]

Michaelangelo and 22-year-old Robert J. Davidson had cooked up a scheme where they planned to rob Szymkowicz and his two buddies of $900 in a fake drug deal. When they all met up, Davidson pulled out a cigarette lighter shaped like a gun in furtherance of the rip-off.[2]

Szymkowicz's response was to pull out a gun shaped like a gun and shoot Davidson in the chest, killing him. Michaelangelo then wrestled the gun away from Szymkowicz and shot him in the head.[2]


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